First To Go Scholars Program

First-Gen Proud. First-Gen Strong. First-Gen Forever. 

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LMU is home to the First To Go Program, an on-campus network and resource for first-year, first-generation college students. 


The First To Go Scholars Program is a four-year pipeline program that levels up in services each year a student is a First To Go Scholar. The first-year living component is mandatory for all First To Go Scholars. 2-unit and 1-unit courses featured in the second and third year are also required. 

Please note that this program has an on-campus living component (First-Gen Forever Living and Learning Community). First-Gen Forever, LLC is a one-year commitment apart of the first-year requirements for students accepted to the First To Go Scholars Program. 


First To Go Scholars Program Benefits/Requirements (Explained by year):

First Year Requirements (Mandatory for ALL First To Go Scholars):

  • Enroll in First-Gen Forever, a living and learning community (LLC). This is a year-long commitment that will guarantee first-year housing. Off-campus/commuter students are also welcomed.
  • Enroll in two Core Curriculum classes together (e.g., First Year Seminar and Rhetorical Arts) over the course of an academic year, in addition to a one-year, one-unit seminar on the first-generation experience (LIBA:Orientation to  Learning I and II.) ​
  • Attend a mandatory program retreat. First To Go Scholars will learn about campus resources, participate in field trips, and meet first-generation faculty, staff, and peer mentors. All activities are at no cost to participants.

Second Year Course:

  • Enroll in a two-unit course called "LIBA 2050: Strategy of Career Development" focused on first-gen specific career and development strategies

Third Year Course: 

  • Enroll in a one-unit course called "After LMU," a course for third year students meant to prepare you for your post graduate life after graduation. Course focused on post-graduate life-skills. 

Fourth Year Opportunities:

  • Access to personalized one-on-one advising sessions with First To Go staff to prepare for post-graduate transitions. 

We look forward to you joining our growing first-gen community! 

 Class of 2027, you will recieve an e-mail to submit an Interest Form for the FTG Scholars Program in April/May 2023!

Interest forms for the First To Go Scholars Program will be sent to your LMU Lion e-mail--please check your LMU Lion e-mail regularly.

Didn't get an e-mail with the interest form and/or are a commuter student who will not be living on campus? E-mail us ASAP so we can assist you ( 

For more information about LMU’s First To Go program, email or call 310-338-7677. You can also read more about the program from the perspective of First To Go Scholar Victoria Arevalo.