Our goal: To skill share, resource build, and celebrate!

Welcome First-Gen Students, Faculty, Staff, Campus Champions, Advocates, and Global Partners! 

The First To Go First-Gen Hub offers itself as an innovative, on-going, and collaborative virtual platform where students, faculty/staff members, and first-gen advocates alike can feature, contribute, and utilize resources that aid the holistic success and wellness of first-generation college students! This Hub aims to grow as student work grows, aims to push forward as student leadership pushes forward, and aims to build community as only our first-gen community knows how: community care! 

On this tab, you will find information on academic skill building, tips for socio-emotional and spiritual wellness, strategies to best assist first-gen students, student-led research, and more! Stay tuned as we continue to build our First-Gen Hub! Got anything you'd like to share a contribute? Great! E-mail First To Go Program Coordinator, Alexia "Lexie" Pineda, at alexia.pineda@lmu.edu to connect! 

Academic Skill Building Tools: 

Taking Notes Graphic (Click here to access resource!)

Learning Strategies Graphic (Click here to access resource!)

Transitioning to Online Instruction (Click here to access resource!).