Transfer Scholars Program


LMU is home to the First To Go Program, an on-campus resource for first-generation college students!

Incoming transfer students are invited to participate in the First To Go Transfer Scholars Program, a year-long academic experience for first-generation transfer students!


Who Is a First-Generation College Student?
Students whose parent(s) and/or or guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree in the United States are referred to as first-generation ​college students. If your parent(s) and/or guardians attended community college or if you have sibling(s) that went to college, you still qualify for the First To Go ​Program.

What is the First To Go Transfer Scholars Program? 

The First To Go Transfer Scholars Program is a year-long academic program that aims to create a learning environment for first-generation transfer college students. The Transfer Scholars Program helps incoming students to maximize their LMU experience.

Scholars ​are required to take a one-unit seminar course in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 that focuses on the first-generation identity and experience.

As a First To Go Transfer Scholar, you will have access to the following benefits: 

  • Year-round Programming
  • Writing and Publishing Opportunities
  • Specialized Courses
  • Mentorship Networks
  • Potential Travel Engagements
  • Academic and Personal Advising

If you are unable to participate in the First To Go Transfers Scholars Program, we encourage all eligible students to participate in the ​larger First To Go community!

We look forward to you joining our growing first-gen community! 

While we are no longer accepting applications for the First To Go Transfer Scholars Program this year, the application cycle for the 2022-2023 academic year will open in April 2022. Stay tuned! 

For more information about LMU’s First To Go program, email, check out the First To Go Instagram Page (@ftglmu) or call 310-338-7677.