Brightspace is LMU’s online learning platform. Many professors utilize Brightspace as a way to:

  • Give students 24-hour access to course curriculum
  • Allow students to view and print course material before/after class
  • Communicate reminders, important messages, and/or last-minute announcements to the class
  • Have students engage in discussion boards with other peers in the course
  • Help keep students organized with upcoming assignments, quizzes, and/or exams
  • Allow students to easily submit assignments online
  • Provide students with updated grades in the course
  • …and much more!

Please note: Brightspace utilization and resources can vary between courses. In addition, not all professors utilize this online platform. It’s always best to check Brightspace at the beginning of each semester to indicate which courses will be utilizing it and to what extent.

How to login to Brightspace:

  1. myLMU --> Systems Login --> Brightspace
  2. --> Use your myLMU credentials to login

For more information about how to navigate Brightspace, student video tutorials are available on Information Technology Service’s (ITS) website here.