Student and Advisor Roles

Students are responsible for…

  • Owning their educational goals and creating a plan that reflects those goals through curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Become knowledgeable about LMU’s programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Familiarizing themselves with the University Bulletin.
  • Understanding the Core Curriculum and its requirements for a holistic Jesuit education.
  • Knowing the requirements for their program of study and tracking their progress towards degree completion.
  • Navigating LMU’s academic platforms such as PROWL, Degree Works, and the Registration Interface.
  • Checking the academic calendar each semester and identifying important dates.
  • Consulting with an academic advisor at appropriate times during the semester.
  • Coming prepared to each academic advising appointment with questions and materials for discussion.
  • Utilizing available academic resources, services, and programs.
  • Establishing and maintaining communication with appropriate LMU staff & faculty.
  • Accepting responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Advisors are responsible for…

  • Helping students understand the aforementioned responsibilities.
  • Protecting and securing the integrity of an LMU degree by enforcing LMU and departmental policies and requirements.
  • Understanding and communicating accurate information about LMU’s Core Curriculum, degree requirements, the registration process, and policies and procedures to provide helpful academic advice.
  • Assisting students in navigating their academic questions.
  • Being available, approachable, and personable, as well as demonstrating a concern and interest in students’ success.
  • Encouraging students to own their academic journey by providing the tools necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Supporting students in gaining skills to develop clear and attainable educational plans.
  • Introducing students to tools for academic success.
  • Providing students with information about and strategies for utilizing the available resources and services on campus, and making appropriate referrals when necessary.
  • Maintaining confidentiality with each student.

Note: While advisors are available to assist students in their academic journey, students are ultimately responsible for satisfying all degree requirements as outlined in the University Bulletin.