Academic Forms: commonly used forms include…

  • Change of Program (adding and/or dropping majors/minors)
  • Petitions (unit overload, late add, etc.)
  • Transfer Course Approval (taking summer courses from a different institution and/or studying abroad from a non-LMU program)


Academic Calendar: important academic dates to keep in mind for the semester (select appropriate semester.)


Blank 4-Year Plan: helpful when mapping out a graduation plan.


Degreeworks: LMU’s degree audit system. Login through myLMU, click Systems Login, and select Degree Works from the dropdown menu. You can also access Degreeworks through PROWL.


Registration Essentials (Fall 2020 Video Coming Soon!): a video tutorial that covers important tools, tips, and resources as students begin to think about the registration period each semester. Specifically it will cover the following topics:

  • Prior to Registering: Resources that students should consider using as well as important details to understand as students begin to plan their courses for the following semester. This section includes details about how to utilize the University Bulletin, Degree Works (including how to find your assigned advisor), and the "Browse Classes" function on the Registration Interface.
  • Registering: This section of the video will walk students through the "Register for Classes" function on the Registration Interface. This way, students can understand how to physically register for classes on their assigned registration date and time (including adding themselves onto waitlists, if available). Students cannot access this function until their assigned registration date and time. If a student has never registered for classes at LMU before, seeing how to navigate this feature beforehand will help them better prepare for when they register. 
  • After Registering: This last section of the video will cover how students can confirm, and view, their schedules after registering as well as how to add/drop classes after they have initially registered for courses.
  • ***A helpful worksheet to utilize when planning classes can be found here: Registration Worksheet (also mentioend in the video above***


University Bulletin: sample 4-year plans for each major/minor can be located here under “Academic Degrees and Programs”. To learn more about the University Bulletin, click here.