Graduation Requirements

Baccalaureate Graduation Requirements and Degree Conferral

In order to officially graduate, the Registrar’s Office has to post the degree to the student’s academic transcript. Degrees are awarded 3 times per year: Summer (August), Fall (December), and Spring (May). Commencement ceremonies only happen at the end of the spring semester. Keep in mind that participation in commencement ceremonies does not always imply that the student has graduated or will graduate with an LMU degree. The date of degree posted on a student’s diploma is the one by which all graduation requirements (see “Baccalaureate Degree Requirements” below) are completed. Other requirements include:

  1. Submitting an Application for Degree form to the Office of the Registrar by the stated deadline (see “Important Note” below for more information). If a student is canceled for graduation in a given term, they must submit a new Application for Degree form reflecting their new graduation term.
  2. All incomplete work required for the degree must be completed before the degree date of that term. If there is still incomplete work left for a required course, a student will not be able to receive their degree by that degree date.
  3. If a student has taken coursework at other institutions, they must submit an official transcript showing the graded course(s) and complete a transfer course approval form (if not previously submitted) to the Office of the Registrar no later than 30 working days after the end of the LMU semester. Transfer coursework must be completed in a term which ends prior to the degree date.

Visit the University Bulletin here, for the exact policy (scroll down to “Baccalaureate Graduation Requirements and Degree Conferral”).

Important note: Keep in mind that you need to apply for a degree if you wish to participate in commencement! It is recommended that you apply for your degree as soon as you register for your last term. This way, you will have time to address any unmet requirements before your degree date. Please check the Registrar’s website here for the appropriate filling deadlines as well as the Application for Degree link.


Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

To be eligible for an undergraduate degree at LMU, candidates must complete all requirements for a bachelor’s degree set forth by the University, their college or school, and academic departments or programs. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all of these requirements are met. Students are encouraged to utilize DegreeWorks (link to our DegreeWorks page) to track their academic progress throughout their time at LMU.

Visit the University Bulletin here, for the exact policy.