1. Identify your registration date & time: roughly two weeks before the priority registration date (see academic calendar), the schedule of classes for the following semester will be made available to students. At this time, you will want to identify your registration date and time using the registration interface. This date and time will be the earliest in which you can begin registering for classes for the following semester.

To access the registration interface, log into PROWL from myLMU --> PROWL --> Student Services --> Registration

Click “Prepare for Registration” and select the appropriate semester (i.e. the semester you will be registering for, not current semester).

2. Check for holds: On the same screen that shows you your registration date and time, you will also locate any holds that may prevent you from registering. If holds exist, you should plan to contact the appropriate office to remove that hold prior to the designated registration date and time.


3. Review the University Bulletin and Degree Works: The University Bulletin provides a sample 4-year plan for each of LMU’s majors. See our University Bulletin page for more details. This will help you to gain a sense of what course requirements should be fulfilled for the upcoming semester. However, be sure to check your Degree Works to ensure that the classes you would like to register for are still requirements that need to be fulfilled.


4. Browse the schedule of classes: Once you have an idea of which required courses you’d like to have fulfilled for the upcoming semester, use the schedule of classes to identify specific courses that will meet those requirements. Keep in mind that some courses may not be offered each semester. Use this function to create a schedule for yourself based on course times and availability. Don’t forget to create back-up options as well in case the course you want gets filled!

5. Schedule a meeting with your advisor: If you have general questions about any of the above, Core/Flag requirements, or need assistance with preparing to meet with a faculty advisor, schedule a meeting with a University Advisor. If you have specific questions about your major, major-course requirements, or need to remove a hold, schedule a meet with your college and/or faculty advisor.


For a video tutorial on registration essentials, including how to use the different tools mentioned above, click here