The University Core Curriculum

According to the Core’s website, “Loyola Marymount University is distinguished by its Core Curriculum, which provides all LMU students with a shared foundation of knowledge, skills, and values essential to the Mission of the University to encourage learning, to educate the whole person, and to serve faith and to promote justice”. Students, regardless of major, are responsible for moving through the four major components of the Core, and complete the necessary courses in each category. PLEASE NOTE: Alternative Core Requirements apply for students who are in the Honors Program and/or in Seaver College of Science and Engineering.

  • For students in the Honors Program, please click here to learn more about your Core Requirements.
  • For students in Seaver College of Science and Engineering, please click here (scroll down to "Core Curriculum for Students in the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering") to learn more about your Core Requirements. 

 All other students must complete the following components of the Core Curriculum in order to graduate: 

  1. Foundations Courses: These courses introduce students to important issues about values, faith, justice, race, gender, sexuality, and culture. The Foundations courses are:
    • First-Year Seminar
    • Rhetorical Arts
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Theological Inquiry
    • Philosophical Inquiry
    • Students in American Diversity
  2. Explorations Courses: These courses encourage students to continue building on the knowledge they gained from their Foundations courses. The Explorations courses are:
    • Creative Experience
    • Historical Analysis and Perspectives
    • Nature of Science, Technology, and Mathematics
    • Understanding Human Behavior
  3. Integrations Courses: These courses challenge students to integrate the knowledge they learned from the Foundations and Explorations courses, as well as their major courses, and create interdisciplinary connections. These courses can only be taken at LMU and once students reach junior-level The Integrations courses are:
    • Faith and Reason
    • Ethics and Justice
    • Interdisciplinary Connection
  4. Flagged Courses: These courses reinforce skills learned in the Foundations courses. All Flagged courses must be taken at LMU. The Flagged courses are:
    • Writing (2 courses)
    • Oral Skills
    • Information Literacy
    • Quantitative Literacy
    • Engaged Learning


Important information to consider:

  • Courses in a student’s major may also satisfy Core and Flag requirements.
  • Different sections of the same course might carry different attributes. Be sure to check the “Course Attribute” tab under the class details of the course in the Registration Interface.
  • One class can carry up to two Flags.
  • Flags are only offered in courses that are above 200/2000 level.
  • Transfer students may be exempt from certain Core/Flag requirements. Please consult your College Advisor and/or Transfer Enrollment Services (310.338.5913 or for more information.
  • DegreeWorks contains a Core and Flag section to monitor progress. Once you've registered for classes, be sure to review your Degree Works audit to ensure that you are fulfilling your Core/Flag requirements as planned.


For more information, visit the Core’s website here.