University Bulletin

According to the registrar’s office, “The University Bulletin contains the academic and administrative policies and regulations that govern enrollment of undergraduate, graduate, and post baccalaureate students at Loyola Marymount University”. The main advising tool that the University Bulletin provides is information on each academic degree and program within the University. In addition, the University Bulletin also contains information about:

  • The University
  • Admission
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Degree and Programs
  • Policies and Requirements
  • Course Descriptions
  • Core Curriculum
  • Awards and Commencement
  • Individual Colleges/Programs

For more information, please see the University Bulletin’s main page here

Determining your catalog term

The University Bulletin states “Students are governed by the applicable University and degree requirements in the University Bulletin of their entry year into the University”. This policy indicates that if you entered LMU with a declared major, you are responsible for adhering to the major requirements set forth in the catalog term for the year you entered.

 The University Bulletin also states, “Students must normally fulfill the department major or program requirements in effect when they declare the primary major or program of study”. This means that if you entered LMU undeclared or with a different major, you must follow the program requirements outlined by the catalog term in the year in which you declare your major that you intend to graduate with. Students who fall in this category may have a different catalog term than others in their graduating class. For more information, please see the University Bulletin’s main page here

How to use it for academic planning

The main feature that the University Bulletin offers in regards to academic planning is the information provided under the “Academic Degrees and Programs” section. Here, students can find information about every major and minor offered within each college. From there, students will be able to see their major’s/minor’s objectives, learning outcomes, course requirements, including lower and upper division requirements, and a model 4-year plan. Prior to registration each semester, we recommend students’ to utilize this feature alongside their DegreeWorks audit for academic planning purposes. 

Accessing the University Bulletin

For this year’s University Bulletin, click here. For PDFs of past University Bulletins, click here (past University Bulletins can also be found on the current University Bulletin’s page by using the drop-down menu at the top).