The “Browse Classes” feature on the Registration Interface will provide you with a real-time, schedule of classes for the selected term. Once you have drafted the courses you are looking to take, you will want to use this feature to explore not only what courses will be offered, but also what section(s). This will allow you to begin piecing your schedule together.

Tip: It is always a good idea to draft a “Plan B” (or even “Plan C”) schedule just in case the course(s) and/or section(s) that you ideally want get filled by the time your registration date and time comes around.

Support: If you need additional assistance prior to meeting (or attending a workshop) with your assigned faculty or college advisor, you can schedule a meeting with a University Advisor. University Advising provides general advising assistance as a supplement to college and faculty advising. If you have general advising questions or want to review any of the information covered, please make an appointment with University Advising here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To find the “Browse Classes” feature:

  1. Log into myLMU
  2. Select “PROWL” from the “Academics” tab
  3. Select “Student Services”
  4. Select “Registration”

Student Services Menu in Prowl

5. Select "Browse Classes"

Prowl Registration Screen


6. Select the desired term from the dropdown menu.
7. The “Browse Classes” search engine will appear

Prowl Registration Page

Searching for Core Attributes

Use the “Core Attribute” field to identify which courses will fulfill specific University Core Curriculum requirements (example: you can type “Theological Inquiry” into the “Core Attribute” field and it will populate all courses that will fulfill that requirement. Note that University Core Curriculum requirements that have an “HNR” designation are only to be taken by students in the University Honors Program.


search core attributes screen in Prowl

Viewing Class Details

When searching for a specific course, be sure to give attention to the various “Class Details” tabs that will appear when clicking on the class title.

Viewing Class Details in Prowl

Restrictions: Be sure to check this tab for any course restrictions that are associated with the course.

Restrictions screen in Prowl


Instructor/Meeting Times: Be sure to verify the course modality, location, and meeting time(s) under this tab.

Instructor meeting times screen in Prowl


Pre-Requisites: Be sure to check this tab for any pre-requisite requirements associated with this course

prerequisite screen in prowl