Identifying your Catalog Year

Be sure to determine your appropriate catalog year when utilizing the University Bulletin. You are governed by the academic and administrative policies and regulations of your catalog year. Your catalog year is determined by the year in which you entered LMU (if you do not change your major or program of study) OR the year in which you formally declare your primary major or program of study.

You can access the University Bulletin from previous years by using the drop-down menu located under the University Bulletin title as shown below Please check your Degree Works audit to confirm your catalog year and official degree requirements.

Screen shot of LMU Bulletin

Accessing 4-Year Plans

Sample 4-Year Plans can be found by clicking “Academic Degrees and Programs” on the University Bulletin homepage of your respective catalog year. You will then select the appropriate degree or program and scroll towards the bottom for a sample 4-year plan (for majors) or to see requirements (for minors).

Screen shot of LMU Bulletin