On your assigned registration date and time, you will be able to utilize the “Register for Classes” section to register for the upcoming term.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log into myLMU
2. Select “PROWL” from the “Academics” tab
3. Select “Student Services”
4. Select “Registration”

Student Services Menu in Prowl

5. Select "Register for Classes"

Prowl Register for Class Screen

6. Select the desired term from the dropdown menu
7. Consent to the disclosures, as needed

Adding Classes

There are two ways to add classes to your schedule:

1. Using the “Find Classes” feature (looks similar to Browse Classes) to individually add classes

 Prowl Register for Classes Screen

2. Using the “Enter CRN” feature to quickly add course(s) using the unique five-digit number assigned to each specific section of a course.

Prowl Register for Class Screen

Be sure to verify that the correct course appears after you enter the CRN

Prowl Register for Class Screen 

Once courses are added utilizing either method, please note that they are considered pending until you click “Submit” at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Courses that still have a status of “Pending” can be added by other students if left unsubmitted.

 Prowl Register for Class Screen

Students are not officially enrolled in the course until the “Status” of the course is highlighted green and says “Registered.”

Prowl Register for Class Screen

For information on troubleshooting and waitlists, please click here.