Other Writing Resources

The Writing LibGuide

The Writing LibGuide is for both students and faculty at LMU. It's a great resource to help you answer many of the questions you have about writing--from how to organize your written ideas to how to revise run-on sentences. Our LibGuide covers content in the following categories:

  • General Writing Concerns
  • Style and Grammar
  • Using and Citing Sources
  • Writing in the Disciplines 

Other Online Resources

Need some general academic advice? Check out the strategies and tools offered by our ARC University Advisors. 

Need help researching a topic and finding quality sources for support in your writing projects? Request a research consultation with an LMU librarian. 

If you're looking for help with APA style format and citation, writing effectively with sources, writing a literature review or annotated bibliography, or getting started with research writing, check out the webinars below! Additionally, check out the RADAR strategies handout for help with evaluating sources for research writing.

APA Webinar

Part I: Format

Part II: In-text Citation

Part III: References

Writing with Sources

Part I: Using Sources for Support

Part II: Common Types of Evidence

Part III: Analysis & Synthesis

Part IV: Strategies for Integrating Source Info

Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review Webinars

Part I: Annotated Bibliography

Part II: Literature Review

Getting Started & Organizing Info Webinars

Getting Started with Research Writing

Organization in Writing

Peer Review Webinar

Screenwriting Webinars

Screenwriting Webinar Part I: Scene Headings

Screenwriting Webinar Part II: Narrative Description

Screenwriting Webinar Part III: Dialogue