The Writing LibGuide

The Writing LibGuide is for both students and faculty at LMU. It's a great resource to help you answer many of the questions you have about writing--from how to organize your written ideas to how to revise run-on sentences. Our LibGuide covers content in the following categories:

  • General Writing Concerns
  • Style and Grammar
  • Using and Citing Sources
  • Writing in the Disciplines

Tips for Peer Review

During this period of online learning, we recommend scheduling a Zoom peer review session with a classmate. It's a good way to maintain community and get some feedback on your writing. Here are a few tips for effective peer review: 

  • Tell your reviewer what you'd like them to focus their attention and feedback on as they read your draft.
  • Focus on "big picture" issues, such as argument, evidence, and organization, before sentence-level issues, such as word choice and punctuation.
  • Offer some positive feedback, in addition to specific suggestions for improvement.
  • Tell your partner about your experience as a reader of their paper. At what part did you experience confusion or want more information, for example?
  • Remember that, as the writer, you get to decide what feedback from your reviewer you want use (or not) as you revise your project. 

Other Online Resources

Need some suggestions for successfully transitioning to online learning? Check out the strategies and tools offered by our University Advisors. 

Need help researching a topic and finding quality sources for support in your writing projects? Request a research consultation with an LMU librarian. 

If you're looking for help with APA style format and citation or understanding how to write effectively with sources, check out the two webinar series below! 

APA Webinar, Part I: Format

APA Webinar, Part II: In-text Citation

APA Webinar, Part III: References

Writing with Sources, Part I: Using Sources for Support

Writing with Sources, Part II: Common Types of Evidence

Writing with Sources, Part III: Analysis & Synthesis

Writing with Sources, Part IV: Strategies for Integrating Source Info.