Stats & Testimonials

Writing Center Statistics

In 2021-2022, the Writing Center supported 503 students through one-to-one peer tutoring, with a total of 1,064 tutoring sessions. We also provided 10 writing workshops and webinars. 

94% of students who responded to our feedback survey rated their Writing Center experience as "excellent" or "very good." 92% of students said they would recommend the Writing Center to other students.  

Testimonials from Students and Faculty

Annika was very attentive to my needs. She is efficient, professional and kind! I am so grateful to her and for this tutoring service!

- Anonymous Student


Halley is very kind, patient, and very helpful. This is my first tutor and I was very shy to let other person read my paper, but turns out Halley was so nice and not giving off any negative or degrading vibe in any way. She is very flexible too and makes sure that I am content with the fixes on the writing. I love the tool used for the tutor session, it enables video, audio, and synchronous writing altogether. I love that we were able to work on the paper together.

- Anonymous Student


Melanie understood my challenge and the goal I needed to accomplish.  She was very patient and helpful.

- Anonymous Student


Lindley was very helpful.  She asked for what would be helpful to me and supported my process.  Her feedback is very helpful, and she highlights positive elements of my writing as well as helping me refine areas of growth.

- Anonymous Student


Tamar was very encouraging and highlighted strengths in my writing, as she gave me feedback and direction for improvement.  I initially felt a little insecure about my writing, but Tamar helped me feel confident as we reviewed my paper, and I felt good about the suggestions she gave me.

- Anonymous Student 


I really appreciate you coming to my class and doing fun activities with my students. They are incredibly helpful, and I'm sure my students learned much information about APA... That really helped my students know the availability of your center's service! 

- Prof. Joy Ee, Dept. of Teaching and Learning


Thank you so much for coming to class, and for the talk. The students have a better idea now of what goes into technical writing! In the exercise I did with them after you left, I had them working on "user stories" and several of them were using things that you had said in their write-ups! 

- Prof. "B.J." Johnson, Computer Science