Simple Living

To live in community, be part of a community, enriched and challenged by daily life in the presence of others. This is an essential part of the Casa experience. Every Casa student lives for a semester in a shared house in Córdoba. It is a rich, intimate experience; also at times challenging. Great emphasis is placed on developing a supportive and healthy community focused on simple living. Shared meals, common work, and the chance to accompany one another in the work of adjusting to a new culture and language all contribute to the spirit of community living that is a hallmark of the Casa program. The student house has a community coordinator in residence—usually a former participant of the Casa program—who accompanies students and supports their community-living experience. Participating in Casa provides you with the unique opportunity not only to develop lasting relationships with an extraordinary group of fellow classmates, but also to join the wider Casa family.

Community living of course also extends beyond life in the student house. Casa students are invited to open themselves to a rich web of relationships while living in Córdoba: with their teachers; with the Argentinian students who share their classes; with those who prepare their meals; with those who drive them to their paseos; with their praxis partners. Argentinians are famously warm and there are endless opportunities in daily living to feel oneself touched by and responding to the life of another: the sharing of mate with a new or old friend; spontaneous invitation to join friends for an asado; the simple exchange of a beso or kiss--the characteristic feature of almost every interpersonal encounter in Argentina is a symbol of the kind of intimacy and openness to others that can become for students in the program a daily reality.