What does it mean to learn to see—the world, yourself, God, others—in the fullest possible way? Not to give into the temptation to look at things casually or carelessly but to open yourself fully to the experience of being alive in the world? And not only for your own sake but for the sake of the world? These are central questions of the Casa program. And they reflect the ancient Ignatian question of what it means to become a ‘contemplative in action’—to behold the world in God. 

One of the benefits of spending a semester abroad is having the opportunity to pause and reflect on who you are and what you are seeking in your life. As a Casa student you are offered a unique formation program designed to help you integrate your Casa experience with larger questions about life, justice, faith, and God. Through retreats, individual accompaniment, and Spirituality Nights, you are given the option to participate in an integrated range of activities designed to help you discern how the semester is touching your heart and soul, and where this might be calling you in the future. Rooted in the Ignatian tradition of spiritual practice, this opportunity to develop and deepen your personal spirituality is open to all students of all faith backgrounds and traditions.