Name cards are distributed in April and used on the day of Commencement to announce degree candidates as they approach the stage. Because name cards are also used to specify where Commencement picture proofs should be sent, students must write their street and e-mail addresses on the back of the card. It is important that students stay in the same order as when they handed in their name card, since this order determines which picture proofs they will receive.

Students are responsible for bringing their name cards on the day of Commencement for use during the ceremony. Name cards will not be reissued before Commencement weekend. Students who lose or forget their name cards must get a replacement card from Commencement staff on the day of the ceremony.


Name cards will be distributed a few weeks before Commencement weekend as indicated below:

  • Participants who graduated in August or December 2019 will be sent a name card to their diploma address (viewable on PROWL: Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information).
  • Participants from the Master’s and Doctoral Programs graduating in May, August, or December 2020 AND who applied by Friday, March 20, 2020, will be notified via their LMU email account to pick up their name card during the After LMU event (Tuesday-Friday, April 14-17, 2020). After this event, these students may pick up their cards from the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students who apply for degree after Friday, March 20, 2020, will pick up their cards on Commencement morning.

Students receiving an additional degree will get a name card for each degree awarded and are welcome to process to the stage to be recognized and receive a diploma cover for each. The Office of the Registrar will also have extra diploma covers for students who wish to pick one up for their additional degree diploma(s).

Students who have applied for degree by Friday, March 20, 2020, but do not receive a name card by the end of April should e-mail

Diploma Name

The student's name will appear both in the Commencement Program and on the diploma as printed on the name card.

In the middle of the spring semester, students will be sent an email to their LMU email account to verify their diploma name.

For changes to be made for the name card and Commencement program, students must contact the Office of the Registrar by Friday, March 20, 2020, by submitting an updated Application for Degree with the appropriate option checked or emailing After this date, the new diploma name will be printed on the diploma only.

Because the diploma name must be the legal name as found on the student record, nicknames or unverified alternate names (e.g., a married or family name) are not accepted. To change the student name on record, submit a Change of Name/Number form.