The following questions can be used to prompt discussions about the 2020 Common Book, Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes on a Tribe Called Quest by Hanif Abdurraqib.These questions were created by LMU student Kioni Shropshire-Maina.

  • How do you interact with and relate to hip hop? As an individual? As a community? How might your experience be different from others?
  • How might your experience of hip-hop be similar or dissimilar to the ways that Abdurraqib interacts with hip hop? (see esepcially chapter 3)
  • How does non-Black society’s interactions with hip-hop (as illustrated in chapter 5) mirror its interaction with Black culture and people? How do you see this manifesting in current events or your personal experiences?
  • How does exposure to the mainstream (popular music, popular media, etc) change the nature of [Black] culture and music? Do you see this impact as positive or negative?
  • Is hip hop political? Is Black art political? Is this book political? How can music and art be political without being overt? To what extent does that matter to you?
  • The book is written as a series of album reviews and personal letters. What is the significance of the book's format? How does this impact the way we interpret its content?