Thank you to all of you who have contributed to our university Core. Please continue to propose courses, using the course approval guidelines, criteria and forms.

All full time faculty members may propose a course for the new Core. The Course Approval Committees review the proposals with an eye to their alignment with the criteria (see below). The role of the department chair/program director and dean is to ascertain the feasibility of the course. Please note that UCCC approval does not guarantee that a course will be offered in any given semester; that decision is made by the faculty member, department chair/program director and the dean (in accordance with usual scheduling policies in a department/program and school/college); however no Core course can be scheduled without approval by the Approval Committee and the UCCC.

Proposals are considered on a rolling basis so please feel free to submit a proposal at any time. You should allow, on average, 8-10 weeks (not counting holidays and semester breaks) from the time the proposal has been passed along to the appropriate approval committee for courses to be approved. If substantial revisions are required, it may be longer. Proposals submitted at the end of a semester (for example April or November) will likely not be reviewed until the following semester. Approval committees review proposals in batches of 6-8 proposals. Your proposal will be placed in the queue on receipt by the approval committee chair. Please make sure you submit your proposals early enough to meet any relevant deadlines (such as for Bulletin changes, or to appear in PROWL for registration).


Proposals must be approved by your department chair/program director and Dean of your school/college before they can be reviewed by the approval committee. Once approved by your chair and dean, the proposal will be passed along to the appropriate approval committee by the UCCC Chair. The approval committee, populated by faculty with expertise in the core category and chaired by a member of the UCCC, will review your proposal, using the criteria as approved by the various faculty working groups.

The approval committee may recommend approval to the UCCC or it may send the proposal back to you for clarification and revision. Once the approval committee is satisfied that the proposal meets the criteria as established for each core category, it will send the approved proposal to the UCCC for final approval. Once approved by the UCCC, you will be notified by the UCCC chair, with a cc: to your chair/director and dean. Please remember that you may not schedule a course with a core attribute until you have been notified by the UCCC chair that the proposed course has been approved.

Faculty may request a full review by the UCCC at any time.


Once a course has been approved by the UCCC, it is up to the faculty member to work with his/her department chair/program director and associate dean to schedule the course.


  1. No class may carry more than 2 flags.
  2. Core approvals are for the course, not the faculty teaching the course. Once a course is approved, it is expected that the course will be taught from semester to semester in accordance with the core attributes. The core attributes for a course can not be dropped or added year after year by the faculty member. Departments should take care to monitor courses for adherence to the core criteria.
  3. Chair/director endorsement of a course is a commitment that the department/program will teach the course as approved, regardless of faculty teaching the course.

CONTACT INFORMATION: To propose a course or ask a question about the core, please contact us at newcore@lmu.edu.