Propose a Course

Please follow these guidelines to submit a proposal: 

Every proposal must include a course description, learning outcomes, defining characteristics, and assessment plan. Each of these elements must be consistent with the criteria developed for each category in the Core.

If you are proposing both a course and an attached flag or flags, you must fill out the appropriate form for the course AND the appropriate form(s) for the flag. Since the proposals go to the different approval committees, this will ensure that all proposals are evaluated for alignment with the criteria in an efficient manner. 

In addition you should:

  • Be certain to save your course proposal and CC your department chair/program director and your dean or the dean's representative (in most cases, the associate dean is the dean's representative; check with your dean and/or associate dean for this information) when you electronically submit your course application to
  • Your chair and dean can approve your proposal by sending an e-mail message stating approval to
  • Once we receive you chair's/director's and dean's approval, your course proposal will be reviewed by the appropriate course approval committee of the UCCC. 
  • No proposal will be reviewed by a course approval committee without both your chair's/director's and dean's approval.  
  • Upon committee approval, you will receive word from the UCCC, with a copy to your chair/director and dean.

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Click below for the learning outcomes and defining characteristics, approval criteria, and proposal form for each area requirement.