Explorations courses serve the education of the whole person by inviting students to engage in a critical examination of self, society, and the world through a variety of disciplinary perspectives. These courses build on the understanding and skills developed in the Foundations courses by introducing students to a range of approaches to human knowledge necessary for becoming intellectually and spiritually engaged citizens of the wider world.

Students are encouraged to take these Explorations courses in Years 2 and 3:

  • Creative Experience, which emphasizes both theory and practice, challenges students to both explore their own intuition and imagination and to reflect critically on the work they and others produce.
  • Historical Analysis and Perspectives imparts an understanding of both the unfamiliar past and the processes by which the world of the present was created.
  • Nature of Science, Technology, and Mathematics engages students to develop the scientific literacy necessary for them to become knowledgeable citizens of the modern world and understand the impact of science and technology on society.
  • Understanding Human Behavior focuses on the methods of inquiry used by social and behavioral scientists to understand human behavior.