The LMU Core experience begins with an introduction of students to the intellectual life that defines an LMU education. Students are guided to confront important issues about values, faith, justice, race, gender, sexuality, and culture, together with the development of fundamental communication and reasoning skills.

Courses in the Foundations level include:

  • First-Year Seminar, which is taken in the first year, introduces students to intellectual rigor, critical thinking, and basic writing skills while laying the foundation for a life-long commitment to learning. Click here to browse the course offerings for First-Year Seminar. 
  • Rhetorical Arts, which is taken in the first year, teaches an integrated set of skills, competencies, and knowledge that enables students to engage in public debate with persuasive force and stylistic excellence.
  • Quantitative/Mathematical Reasoning, also taken during the first year, introduces students to fundamental mathematical knowledge, including an understanding of the nature of mathematics and quantitative and statistical argumentation. (Mathematical Reasoning courses satisfy the FQTR requirement only with an appropriate score on the Mathematics Placement Exam).
  • Theological Inquiry, Philosophical Inquiry, and Studies in American Diversity, to be taken by the end of Year 2, provide frameworks for understanding the worldview and intellectual tradition implicit in LMU’s identity as a Catholic institution located in the geographical, ethnic, and economic diversity of the greater L.A. area.