Policies and Advising Information


Core Attributes

  • A single course may satisfy only one Core requirement (with the exception of the Engaged Learning flag which can be part a course with another Core attribute).
  • Students should take Rhetorical Arts and First Year Seminar in different semesters of Year 1.
  • Although the order in which Core courses are completed is flexible, students are strongly encouraged to take the remaining Foundations courses in Years 1 and 2, Explorations courses in Years 2 and 3, and Integrations courses in Years 3 and 4.
  • Students may satisfy major requirements with Core courses when the courses are approved for both the major and Core.
  • All students must complete all 13 Core attributes across the three areas: Foundations, Explorations, and Integrations (with the exception of Engineering students who are exempt from Interdisciplinary Connections). Transfer students may have some Core requirements waived. See "Info for Transfer Students."
  • A student must receive a “C-“ or higher to pass a Core course.

 For more information on Core attributes see Overview of the Core