Info for Transfer Students

Transfer Students and Core Attributes 

The Core requirements for transfer students depend first on the number of credits a student transfers in at the time of acceptance. These rules apply ONLY to students who are classified as “transfer” students, not students who come to LMU as “first-time students” but who may have taken college courses while in high school. Please note that courses at the Integrations level (Faith and Reason, Ethics and Justice, and Interdisciplinary Connections) cannot under any circumstances be satisfied by transfer courses and must be taken at LMU. The Engaged Learning Flag must also satisfied through an LMU course.”

Transfer students who enter with 30 units or more may choose to waive either the FFYS or FTRA requirement.

Transfer students who enter with 54 units or more will also have their FPHI and FTHI requirements waived. Flag requirements also differ depending on the number of units a student bring into LMU.

In addition to these waivers, transfer students may also satisfy other Core requirements if they transferred in equivalent courses from another school, subject to a transcript review by the Registrar’s office.

Transfer Students and Flags 

Students transferring to LMU at the time of acceptance with:

  • 60 or more units must complete 3 out of 6 flags with at least one writing flag.
  • 50-59 units must complete 4 out of 6 flags with at least one writing flag.
  • 40-49 units must complete 5 out of 6 flags with at least one writing flag.
  • Less than 40 units must complete all 6 flags