Annual Symposiums

CSJ Center Annual Symposiums

The CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice has sponsored an annual symposium addressing a wide range of topics since its establishment. Click on the links below to view full program information for each of the symposiums. 


2023 CSJ Center Symposium

Faces of Justice: Deepening Encounters, Confronting the Struggles


2022 CSJ Center Symposium

Faces of Justice: Transforming Thought, Transforming Action


2021 CSJ Center Symposium 

Faces of Justice: Listening, Discovering, Transforming


2020 CSJ Center Symposium 

21st Century Technology: Creative Possibilities and Ethical Conundrums


2019 CSJ Center Symposium

Living on the Edge: Causes, Consequences and Actions 


2018 CSJ Center Symposium 

The World on the Move: Migration and Immigration in Uncertain Times


2017 CSJ Center Symposium 

Hidden in the Crowd: Human Trafficking Locally and Globally 


2016 CSJ Center Symposium 

Changing Lives; Changing LA: Hotel Workers Rising 


2015 CSJ Center Symposium 

People, Planet, Profit: Business Today, Tomorrow - What Next?


2014 CSJ Center Symposium 

Arts That Do Justice: Artists and Communities, Partnerships for Transformation 


2013 CSJ Center Symposium 

The Journey to Wholeness: The Effect of Trauma on Body, Mind and Spirit