Voices of Justice

Be an agent of change...

 The "Voices of Justice" class is an oral histories writing and performance course which includes meeting, interviewing and performing stories of members of LA advocacy agencies who work with social justice issues such as: human trafficking (CAST), immigration (CHIRLA), homelessness (OPCC), gangs/youth at risk (Homeboys Industries).‌

 Here are some of the students' experiences:

"This course gave me the opportunity to work with students from many disciplines, engage in creative,
multilayered thought, and form an exciting work of art that brought a vision of mine to life."
(Nathaniel Carter '14 )

"I really liked how we were able to hear an unfiltered account of someone's life. It is rare to get
something so real from the mouth of the source, and to have that experience really made me
understand how important it is for someone to share their story . . ."
(Bladimir Gonzalez '13)

“[This process] allowed me to have my own voice as well as listen to the voice of others."
(Lennon Hobson '14)

"The class and all the experiences I had being in Voices of Justice made me even more adamant about
helping homeless find necessary survival resources and making people think less critically of them,
because they are just like you or I, they are just in a hard place."

“Talking to people at OPCC Safe Haven was eye opening "
(Samantha Lopez '14 )

“[Working with CHIRLA and immigration rights advocates] had a profound impact on me”.
(Erika Meza '13)

“I had heard about the power of sharing another person's story but I really never believed how
powerful it was until I participated in this class. It was truly an experience like no other and I
would definitely do it again!"
(Erika Meza '13)

“ I learned about the lives and stories of other people who have impacted me for the better."

“ eye-opening experience for me and really . . . changed my perspective on the homeless."

“ for me it was giving Sheeba back her humanity."
(Brya Rogers '14)

" allowed me to layer someone's story with my own creativity and produce a product I was
satisfied with."

"I absolutely love when God gives me the opportunity to bless the lives of others in any shape or
form and as a dance major and theater minor utilizing my talents to share someone's story was
very rewarding for me. This experience is life altering and absolutely a blessing for everyone involved."
(Shellee Samuels '16)

"This class brought me out of my 'LMU bubble' and opened my eyes to much bigger issues”
(Valerie Stewart '13)