2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Due to COVID-19, this is the first year the Undergraduate Research Symposium was hosted online. Regardless of the obstacles, our students pulled through and delivered their experiences highlighting their work within the context of social justice in action. 

Session: Social Justice in Action 

  1. Meighan LaRocca and Rachel Kaftan - Voices of Justice: Alexandria House
  2. Elena Martinez and Jack Mauro - Addressing Homelessness in the City of LA
  3. Cecille Forsyth Rios - Silence: One Nation, Under God, Indisible, For Liberties and Justice for None


2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium

On March 21st, five students, John Ruffaine (Entrepreneurship), Katherine Wikholm (Biology), Madelynn Sanchez (English), Kelly Cote (Civil Engineering) and Kristina Krupilnitskaya (English) participated in the Undergraduate Research Symposium Voices of Justice Panel: Service, Action and Engaged Learning Experiences.