Provide a complete and structured list of all courses taught at LMU. This list is supposed to give an overview – details should be reserved for the teaching narrative and the course material included (syllabi, assignments, etc.). List all courses in reverse chronological order with course/section numbers, course title, and enrollment. If in any semester the course load was less than standard explain why.

In addition to the basic elements in your teaching narrative, you should describe all relevant key aspects of your courses that allow someone not familiar with the classes to understand the typical expectations, challenges, opportunities, and pedagogies of your classes. Generally, points to include are:

  • Characterize the typical student population in terms of year, majors/non-majors, etc.
  • Describe the level of the class, such as introductory class, core major class, and/or upper-level elective; undergraduate/graduate level, etc.
  • Identify special attributes this class fulfills such as Core Flags, Honors class, Study Abroad, etc.
  • Identify whether it is an only-section class or one of several sections.
  • Specify whether the class is team taught.

Depending on the discipline, there may be additional points to be included also in the list of courses in addition to the teaching narrative, such as:

  • Learning outcomes within the curriculum map of the major/minor satisfied by the class.
  • Prerequisites for the class.
  • Other classes this class serves as prerequisite for and what the resulting requirements for this class are and how they were met.
  • Lab or other class associated with course.
  • Common syllabus or other special requirements that may apply to this class.
  • Typical support through teaching assistant, grader, etc.
  • Key pedagogies used in the class, such as lecture-based class, reading/writing-intense class, service learning, etc.
  • Special prerequisites, activities, schedule, etc.

All aspects included in the list of courses should be addressed also in the teaching narrative. The teaching narrative should provide additional context. The list of relevant points here is not exhaustive and may depend on the college/school, department, and subject matter taught.

Last Updated 4/23/2013