IISSAM 2012 Voices

Some Voices from IISSAM 2012.

What was particularly helpful about the Institute?

  • The small interactive groups.
  • The community as a whole. There were so many opportunities to connect with others (formally and informally) who have similar interests and are at different stages of their SoTL development. I have more experience than some people that I met and it was nice to be able to help them out in some ways, however it was GREAT to be able to talk with others who have more experience and get their perspectives. This is an opportunity I don't get very much at my own institution.
  • Concrete feedback about my project, plus deadlines to meet over the next 6 months!
  • The specific attention my project got from my small cohort and my mentor. Also the cohort idea was wonderful in other ways, it created a small enough group with whom I could share the institute experience with.
  • Knowledgeable mentors, without a dog in the fight, able to understand individual research needs and to draw the most helpful suggestions and comments from others. Multiple sessions, over 2 days, to discuss research projects. Just the right amount of "other" activities in between.
  • In-depth personal attention along with truly outstanding speaker presentations of general interest.
  • Size of the meetings allowed for in-depth discussions and full participation. Networking opportunities were good and overall interaction extremely positive.
  • Mentoring sessions were very informative and engaging.

Any comments about or suggestions for the mentored scholar sessions?

  • Wow - it was an outstanding experience! I've never had anyone care so much and provide so much insight.
  • This was an absolutely fabulous experience! My many thanks to and admiration for my mentor!
  • I enjoyed these sessions and came away with excellent ideas for my own research.
  • Just perfect.
  • I thought the mentored sessions were very interesting and useful and that my mentor did an excellent job presenting feedback and keeping everything running smoothly. I can't think of a thing that I would change.