Call for Contributions

The goal of the institute is to support SoTL scholars at all levels of experience through mentoring so that they can investigate their teaching and their students' learning in a thorough and systematic way and exchange their findings and receive feedback from others. The Institute offers careful discussions of all contributions based on mutual support and constructive feedback and through the selection of a theme that gives all participants a common lens with which to investigate their own teaching and share their experiences.

Consider participating in IISSAM 2013 in one of three ways, as

  • a scholar having your work-in-progress mentored;
  • a poster-presenter, showing a project that is completed, nearly completed, or just at the beginning stages;
  • an attendee, learning about SoTL and joining the conversation to share ideas and suggestions with other SoTL scholars.

The heart of the Institute is the mentoring of SoTL Scholar Projects that are work-in-progress by providing feedback and support in small groups of scholars. For projects that are not at the mentoring stage, IISSAM offers the opportunity to submit project Posters - such projects may either be at the very initial stages or essentially completed.

All projects should pose questions

  • based on the scholars' own teaching
  • at the collegiate or graduate level of teaching and learning and
  • that are of interest and value for other instructors.

Scholar Projects

Deadline: February 1, 2013 February 22, 2013

Project Submissions


Deadline: April 19, 2013

Poster Submissions

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