Poster Submissions

Participants are invited to submit a poster to the Institute. We invite posters for two categories - Ideas and Results. Ideas posters are for those beginning in SoTL and results posters for those with completed projects. Beginning SoTL researchers will receive feedback on their ideas, and be able to see completed projects. More experienced SoTL scholars will be able to share their experience and showcase their results.

We encourage you to consider submitting a scholar project (first), if your project is at a stage where it benefits from mentoring - for details, please see the Call for Scholar Projects.

Posters in the Ideas Category should describe an incipient idea of a SoTL project, i.e. a project idea that has not yet been researched in detail or implemented. The project should be

  • of interest and value to others,
  • addressing a teaching or learning-related question,
  • based on classes taught by the poster authors, and
  • implementable.

Posters in the Results Category should describe key results and the method used in a completed SoTL project, i.e. a project that has been fully researched and implemented. The project should satisfy the same basic criteria as a poster in the Ideas Category and the focus of such a poster should be on the genesis and implementation of the poster in addition to a description of the key results.

Format & Printing

Posters have to fit on a 36" x 48" foldable display board. They can either consist of one poster (typically between 36"x48" and 24" x 36") or individual pages from Powerpoint slides or other files (maximum of 12 sheets 8.5" x 11"). Participants should keep in mind that posters need to be legible also from 3-4 ft distance; minimal font size should therefore not be below 22 pt. and bold fonts should be used generously. Make sure the design and print use high contrast. Use arrows, numbers, or other elements in your poster to clearly indicate the suggested viewing sequence of the poster elements. For suggestions on how to prepare a poster, see the POD poster instructions.

Your posters should be self-explanatory with concise captions and text accompanied by simple graphics (if applicable). Make sure to indicate the title and all authors. Keep your text free of subject-specific jargon. Feedback will be provided to posters by participants during IISSAM - the clearer the exposition of your ideas and/or results, the more helpful such feedback can be. You may accompany your poster with a handout summarizing the key points presented on the poster.
Participants are responsible for their own printing and have to make their posters available at the beginning of the Institute. Do not mount your poster on cardboard; bring along as one sheet (rollup) or in several sections (sequence clearly labeled on the back). You will NOT be allowed to use glue, tape, paint, or staples on the poster boards.

Submission & Review

Posters will undergo a blind peer review based on poster abstracts submitted by or before the deadline. Poster abstracts in pdf format have to be submitted during registration or as email attachments to Abstracts need to be between 200 and 400 words describing the main ideas or results that are discussed on the poster as outlined above. Make sure your abstract speaks to the bullet points and descriptions of the two poster categories above. Your poster abstract has to include the title of your project, but may not list the authors' names and affiliations (make sure you provide them in the text of your email but not the text of your abstract; clearly identify the poster category - ideas or results). Decisions are anticipated on a rolling basis and latest by April 29, 2013. We strongly encourage early poster submissions for early decisions and feedback.

Deadline for Poster Submissions: April 19, 2013.