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  • Huber, Mary, Territory Worth Tending: Building and Sustaining the Teaching Commons [Presentation][Bibliography]
  • Meta Robinson, Jennifer, The Ecology of SoTL: The Long-Term Impact of a Learning Community on Environmental Literacy [Presentation]
  • Strauss, Eric, Hopeful Monsters: Teaching Urban Ecology as a Transdisciplinary Exploration of Multi-Scale Science, Landscape Legacies and Human Resilience [Presentation]


  • Bennett, Curtis, Framing Questions: From Teaching Questions to Avenues of Research [Presentation]
  • Chavez, Christine, Step-by-Step Survey Design: A Practical Guide to Designing Your Survey [Presentation][Handout]
  • Coward, Patricia, More than Numbers: Using Qualitative Data to Capture the Unquantifiable [Presentation]
  • Dewar, Jackie, Where's the Evidence? Designing & Carrying Out a Research Study [Presentation]
  • Flecky, Kathy, Space as Place: Community, Student and Faculty SoTL Collaborations in Service-Learning [Presentation]
  • Lochbaum, Julie, Valuing and Evaluating SoTL Work in the Promotion and Tenure Process [Presentation][Rubric]
  • Massa, Laura, Step-by-step Rubric Design: A Systematic Approach to Understanding Student Learning [Presentation]
  • Massunaga, Jennifer, Locating and Evaluating Scholarly Literature for SoTL Study [Handouts]
  • Mattos, Nick, Web 2.0 Gems: Resources for doing SoTL [Links]
  • Nuhfer, Ed, Classroom Ecology, Metacognition and the Affective Domain [Presentation]
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  • Reichard, David, Engaging Faculty in Assessment of Student Learning for Program Improvement and Accreditation through SoTL: Opportunities and Challenges [Handouts]

Field Activities

  • Heiland, Teresa, BrainDance: Activating Students' Cognitive Learning [Presentation]

Scholar Sessions

  • Vierling-Claasen, Angela, Memory-work: Students Researching and Impacting Mathematical Identity [Presentation]

Other Material