The Ecology of Teaching and Learning

You are invited to join our engaging and reflective conversations that explore how our environment relates to our teaching and learning. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) serves as a lens by which we explore what role teaching and learning play in helping our students assume responsibility for the world we live in. This year's theme invites an exploration of innovative teaching practices that relate teaching and learning to our community and environment. It challenges us to consider our teaching methods and to assess our students' engagement and learning.

We will consider ecology in the sense of Haeckel who coined the term in 1866:

"The whole science of the relations of the organism to the environment including, in the broad sense, all the 'conditions of existence' [...] the entire relations of the organism to all other organisms with which it comes into contact, and of which most contribute either to its advantage or its harm." (see Stauffer 1957)

The Institute will place our teaching and the learning we facilitate in the context of the world we live in; we will consider "the entire relations" of our teaching "to all other organisms with which it comes into contact". The theme allows us to explore how we, as scholars, can build and assess the relationships in which our teaching happens.

The Institute and this year's theme encourage inter- and multidisciplinary conversations and invite a variety of disciplinary and methodological studies. Consider sharing your work as a scholar or joining the conversation as an active participant at IISSAM 2012.