Fall 2015 - John Todd

John Todd

Part-Time Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award Fall 2015

John Todd received his training at North Carolina School of the Arts in drama and dance. John's performance experience includes the Houston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, 4 Broadway shows, 17 feature films, 12 television shows, and 26 national commercials; Martha Graham, Agnes de Mille, and Twyla Tharp are among his mentors. John began teaching at LMU in 2013. Classes taught include Beginning/Intermediate Ballet and Musical Theater.

John's goal in teaching is to help students find the path that brings them joy and fulfillment. He challenges students to explore who they really are and how they want to show up in the world. Teaching brings out the best and expands every possibility in this world. Frustration turns to winning, tears turn to laughter, hard work and showing up cross fade to success.

John Todd is known to his students and colleagues as a very demanding instructor with professional standards whose students grow beyond what they considered possible. His teaching is based on a deep understanding of physiology and dance techniques, on his encouragement of and dedication to his students, on individualized support and consistent detailed feedback, and on providing students with space and opportunities to reflect and to assess their goals, passions, and opportunities.