eFaculty Certification

The Center for Teaching Excellence has provided professional development to faculty in the pedagogy of online and hybrid teaching for several years. In Spring and Summer 2020, this professional development course became a popular choice for many faculty with over 600 attending the various sessions that were offered. This video showcases testimonials from LMU faculty who have completed the eFaculty Certification program and used the training to enhance their instruction.

The efaculty certification course is regularly updated to reflect current research and guidelines in online and hybrid teaching and learning. The current iteration is provided in an asynchronous format with “office hours” support for those who request it. At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe and implement best practices in instructional design for creating instructional activities that align with LMU values, Universal Design for Learning framework, and federal guidelines for distance education.
  • Utilize appropriate instructional tools in the course design process. 
  • Differentiate the types of learner interaction that occur in online or hybrid learning. 
  • Develop an instructional plan for at least two learning modules that align and assess appropriate learning outcomes. 

If interested in enrolling in efaculty certification, please email ool@lmu.edu or contact the Center for Teaching Excellence for more information.

College Protocols

Please refer to your college's online and hybrid course protocol for the approval process required to teach an online course: