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  • Teaching Theatre Online: A Shift in Pedagogy Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak – an open-sourced encyclopedic resource for adapting to online teaching (developed first by Dr. Daphnie Sicre). Although primarily intended for theatre educators, the resource contains several tips and tricks that could be implemented across disciplinary boundaries. Since its creation on March 12, 2020, the document has been featured in American Theatre, HowlRound, and have been used in several theatre departments across the nation and beyond.
  • Trauma-informed Critical Pedagogy and a checklist to implement trauma-informed critical pedagogy – for many of our students this is the first major global crisis of their lifetimes. The crumbling of the made-to-order and on-demand worlds that they are used to is triggering severe anxiety and panic. It is therefore imperative that, we as their learning facilitators, be mindful of this challenge and adapt our courses and assessments to accommodate a diverse range of expectations, realities, and abilities. The trauma-informed critical pedagogy is a wonderful tool to help us assess our courses. Following the steps outlined here will help in facilitating student engagement, resilience, and success, while meeting our learning objectives.