Loyola Marymount University is committed to promoting innovation as it strives to provide transformative educational experiences for both undergraduate and graduate education. Consistent with the goals of its Strategic Plan, LMU is committed to implementing online and hybrid teaching and learning approaches in a strategic manner that upholds its commitment to the University’s mission and to academic excellence.  LMU’s stance concerning technology enhanced learning has been articulated in the following documents:

Some TELIG recommendations concerning the definitions of online and hybrid courses and programs, along with associated approval protocols, have since been formally adopted, sometimes with modifications as deemed appropriate.  These new definitions and policies are in effect as of fall 2017 and can be found at the second tab above

To support initiatives in technology enhanced learning, the Provost’s Office has created a variety of faculty development programs. These programs include talks and workshops to generate ideas about how faculty might use technology in their teaching, course development workshops and grants for online or hybrid courses, and program development grants for the development of online or hybrid programs at the graduate level.  Information concerning these programs is provided via the tabs on the left.

If you are interested in technology enhanced learning, I encourage you to explore this site, and if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas concerning these programs, please contact me at Martina.Ramirez@lmu.edu.


Martina Giselle Ramirez, Ph.D
Special Assistant to the Provost for Technology-Enhanced Learning
Professor of Biology
‌‌Martina Ramirez‌‌