Ethics and Justice: LMU's commitment to the promotion of justice is a hallmark of the core and the organizing principle for inclusion of courses in Ethics and Justice. These courses explore the major philosophical, theological and spiritual traditions of ethics, and then engage students in applying these theories to the ethical analysis of situations in a specific applied area. Courses in such areas as ethics, media ethics, business ethics, bioethics, war and peace, ecology, as well as courses that explore the dynamics of power and privilege, challenges of economic justice, and commitment to the common good may qualify. More specifically, students will

  • understand the questions which a person must ask in forming an intelligent and responsible philosophy of moral choice.
  • learn the fundamental structures of ethical theories.
  • pursue the question of the ground for making moral judgments.
  • study what it means to develop a virtuous character, to make rational decisions, to respond to values, and to exercise freedom responsibly.
  • evaluate moral and ethical responsibilities in a complex, global world.
  • apply ethical theories in a specific context.