Faith and Reason: These courses institute dialogue between theology and other fields that inform and enrich the pursuit of questions of ultimate concern, an essential feature of a Jesuit and Marymount education that serves faith and promotes justice.

Courses in this area focus on the role of religion in the world and approach specific topics from a theological perspective, while engaging different disciplines and methods at a deeper level than achieved in the foundations level of the core. Among the topics that could be addressed: faith and culture; historical and theological analysis of religious traditions, texts and practices; faith and the arts; war and peace in religious traditions; religion and science; religion and the environment; gender, sexuality and religion; theology, spirituality, and social justice; and other topics.

Students will

  • appreciate the existential importance of ultimate questions in their historical and cultural complexity.
  • understand the search for God as a culturally embedded process.
  • probe the meaning of theological ideas in light of one or more disciplines that inform, explicate or challenge these ideas.
  • develop comparative perspectives on religious, ecclesial and spiritual traditions.