Historical Analysis & Perspectives

Courses in Historical Analysis and Perspectives will impart an understanding of both the unfamiliar past and the processes by which the world of the present was created. They will stress the study of primary source materials and the interpretation of such sources in context, exploring major concepts and developments, showing change over time, and emphasizing both the links between peoples across time and space and the ways in which today's world has evolved out of the contingent actions of individuals and groups of people. More specifically, students will

  • demonstrate an understanding of their own culture and era in the context of an understanding and awareness of the histories of different cultures and eras.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the structure of societies, how they function and how they change.
  • be able to analyze primary sources in their historical contexts.
  • be able to employ evidence in support of arguments about historical change and to analyze the factors that cause change.
  • be able to employ a historical perspective to understand the forces and processes that have shaped the contemporary world.