The remote classroom can inadvertently create unequal opportunities to initiate, express, and direct conversations. In this 1-hour workshop, KJ Peters (Professor of English, Graduate Program Director, and author of The Argument Handbook) discusses asymmetrical communicational arrangements in the online learning environment. We will explore the paradigm of Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Relationships, and how to: 

  1. Be alert to unequal access of information between you and your students, and in peer-to-peer conversations 
  2. Reflect on the different forms and styles of communications taking place in the remote classroom 
  3. Reflect on different views of the “pedagogical space” and appropriate behavior in these spaces 
  4. Manage expectations and behaviors for better engagement and competency development 
  5. Review examples of asymmetrical learning and discuss how to avoid them in our courses

Click here for recording of the talk and click here to access the slide set.






Andy Rohm

Professor of Marketing




Matt Stef

Clinical Professor of Marketing

In our continued exploration of equitable student engagement online, Professors Stefl and Rohm discuss theories of engagement and how to apply tried and true marketing strategies in your learning environment. This talk combines lecture, group discussion, and hands-on practice with digital tools including Slido, surveys, Google Boards, and breakout rooms. Click here for recording of the talk.