The Mentor Program supports Part-Time Faculty Members in developing their teaching and specific courses. Part-Time Faculty Members are matched with experienced Mentors for one semester. Participation in the program is based on a competitive application process - for details see below.

Mentor and Mentee are expected to:

  • share and review each others' syllabi and other teaching material,
  • do peer teaching observations of each other at least once during the semester,
  • meet prior to the semester, at least three times during semester, and once after the semester is over (limited funds for a lunch or dinner gathering are available),
  • participate in a workshop, lunch, or dinner of the Mentor-Mentee group during the semester, and
  • each, independently, submit a short final report (details below).

Priority will be given to new Part-Time Faculty Members, but seasoned Part-Time Faculty Members are welcome to apply, too. Typically, there are up to 5 Mentor-Mentee matches per semester. The Center for Teaching Excellence will match Mentors and Mentees based on the Part-Time Faculty Member's application and available Mentors - Mentor and Mentee are typically not in the same Department or Program. Mentors are expected to participate in a half-day workshop or individual conversation in preparation of the Mentor Program.

Part-Time Faculty Members are invited to submit their application by the deadline to For full consideration, the application needs to include and address the following aspects:

  • Name, Department, Contact Information.
  • LMU course(s) to be taught in the upcoming semester, including day, time, and location.
  • Short description of topic, course content, and pedagogy of all classes in the upcoming semester.
  • Expected student population in the course (graduate/undergraduate students, majors/non-majors, upper level/intro, etc.)
  • Brief description of the kind of support that is being sought, including, if applicable, any specific aspects of the course or pedagogy that the Mentee would like to focus on.
  • Teaching experience, if any, in similar courses and in general, at LMU and elsewhere (identifying the level of independent responsibility for course design, syllabus, etc.)
  • Any serious recurring time constraints during the semester.
  • Copy of CV or resume.

Applications should not exceed 2 pages, be type-set in standard proportional 11pt or 12pt font, have 1" margins, and be single-spaced. Applications should be submitted as attached pdf documents to by the deadline indicated below.

Mentor-Mentee matches will be listed on this website and in other CTE documentations with a short description of the relevant courses and key elements.


SemesterApplication DeadlineFinal Report DeadlineComments
Spring 2018 12/11/17 5/28/18 Subject to availability, later applications possible and encouraged.
Fall 2017 8/21/17 1/26/18 Subject to availability, later applications possible and encouraged.
Spring 2017 12/9/16 5/29/17 Subject to availability, later applications possible and encouraged.
Fall 2016 08/22/16 1/27/17

Subject to availability, later applications possible and encouraged.

Spring 2016 12/11/15 5/30/16 Subject to availability, later applications possible and encouraged.
Fall 2015 08/17/15 1/29/16 Later applications, before semester starts, possible if open slots.
Spring 2015 12/12/14 N/A Matching pending subject to funding.

Separate final reports have to be submitted by the deadline indicated above to and should be shared with each other. Final reports (max 2 pages) need to briefly summarize

  • the dates of activities (such as class observations, meetings, sharing of class material, etc.),
  • the main teaching aspects the mentor-mentee relationship focused on,
  • key lessons learnt during the collaboration and, if applicable, any suggestions for the future,

and also list the mentor, mentee, semester, and courses taught during the semester. Mentees need to include a copy of the syllabus of their class.

Mentorship Matches


Fall 2016 Victoria Flores, Health and Human Sciences Jeremy McCallum, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Spring 2016 Mark Diamond, Jewish Studies Jennifer Ramos, Political Science
Fall 2015 Stacy Sinclair, Environmental Studies Jennifer Ramos, Political Science
Fall 2015 Charlotte D'Evelyn, Asian and Pacific Studies Sina Kramer, Women's Studies
Fall 2015 Nnogo Obiamwe, Marketing and Business Law Alissa Crans, Mathematics

Last Updated: December 12, 2016