The Center for Teaching Excellence has been offering Part-Time Faculty Orientation since the fall of 2011.


Fall 2017 pdf 08/11/17, 08/19/17, 08/23/17
Fall 2016 pdf 08/05/2016, 08/20/2016, 08/24/2016
Spring 2016 pdf 12/15/15, 01/09/16
Fall 2015 pdf 08/07/15, 08/22/15, 08/26/15
Spring 2015 pdf 12/12/14, 01/07/15, 01/12/15
Fall 2014   08/08/14, 08/20/14, 08/23/14, 08/26/14
Spring 2014   12/13/13, 01/11/14
Fall 2013   08/09/13, 08/21/13, 08/24/13, 08/26/13
Spring 2013   01/10/13, 01/12/13
Fall 2012   08/22/12, 08/25/12
Fall 2011   08/26/11


Spring 2015

  • "I found the Orientation incredibly valuable. The content was exactly what I needed to set a good foundation in understanding LMU, the student body, expectations, resources."
  • Most useful was "[e]xactly as advertised, getting me oriented. It was both broad enough and specific enough to be very helpful."
  • "I especially appreciated the effort to expose us to the institutional and student cultures of LMU, including the related challenges that we might encounter as instructors."
  • Most useful was "For me personally, the information that was specific to LMU was the most useful, especially in relation to the history, mission, student body, student culture, institutional structure, and policies of LMU."

Fall 2014

  • "As a first time teacher the entire session was very informative and useful. I'm actually going through my lesson plans to adjust them to help with increased information retention."
  • "This is an excellent Faculty Orientation; the best one I had ever attended! My kudos to this process and arrangements! The instructor for this Faculty Orientation was just excellent and dedicated person! She presented everything excellent! Answered every question we asked!"
  • "Overall it was very useful. I was very happy with the experience. Would recommend."
  • "All of it was useful. The handouts and presentations were very useful as well as meeting campus representatives."
  • "This class gave me an opportunity to know about the history, and mission and vision of LMU, its rules and regulations, its IT system. It gave me familiarity with LMU IT system for email etc. It presented different aspects teaching and learning activities, syllabus, assignments and a scenario of the first class. The Teaching and Learning Activities, Learning Outcomes etc. This is an excellent orientation session!"
  • Most useful was "[m]eeting all of the campus representatives and the handout with their pictures on it, the FERPA discussion and the student demographic data and survey results."
  • "Incredible amount of material covered in one day. It would be ideal to offer this as early as possible in the summer given the amount of useful information about course design/syllabus development."
  • "There was such a wealth of pertinent information for a newcomer, and I took copious notes. I am still referring to these notes for info! I felt heard and received generous help."
  • "It was very well organized and efficient, which added to the ease of all presentations. Lots of humor, which was a delight. Great energy from all the representatives; they were eager to help. This was generosity in every aspect."
  • Most useful was "[e]xplanation of LMU unique rules, policies, and procedures, including particularly use of computer systems, e.g., PROWL"
  • "I will be honest. I thought this all-day event was going to be a waste of time and that it wouldn't apply to me because I'm teaching in the film department. I couldn't have been more wrong. This day [...] should be mandatory for all incoming and first-time faculty members. Questions were answered, horizons were expanded, fears were diminished. Time well spent!"

Last Updated: August 7, 2016