Would your teaching improve and could your students learn better if you worked on your voice, your speech, your projection, your dialect, or your language in general? Have your students given you feedback that suggests that making adjustments to your vocal patterns would help them get more out of your classes?

Cherishing LMU's diverse faculty and the rich education our students experience being engaged by teachers from different backgrounds with different teaching styles, coaching offers support for teachers who want to work on delivery issues that do affect the learning of their students.

Faculty who have experienced teaching challenges that can be addressed by voice, speech, and language coaching, are invited to contact the CTE Director to discuss available options. The service is confidential - no details about the coaching assistance, including the names of those seeking and/or receiving assistance, are released to anybody unless explicitly requested by the faculty member him- or herself.

After consultation with the CTE Director, the faculty member will be referred to a very experienced and highly successful voice, speech, and dialect coach who also is a beloved instructor at LMU. The faculty member schedules coaching sessions with the voice instructor at his/her own and the instructor's convenience. The first session will include an assessment of expectations and opportunities and a discussion of the best course of action. Upon confirmation and recommendation from the voice instructor, the CTE will cover a limited number of coaching sessions for tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty members. Only coaching sessions initiated by the CTE after a discussion with the CTE Director are covered up to the number of sessions and under the conditions agreed upon with the CTE.