Open Classrooms Weeks

During Open Classrooms Weeks colleagues visit each others' classrooms, i.e. people participate as visitors, hosts, or both, in order to

  • Be inspired by others’ teaching and pedagogies;
  • Observe a variety of teaching environments and practices;
  • Foster a dialogue about pedagogy across departments/programs and colleges/schools;
  • Be exposed to our students' experience of switching classrooms and pedagogical environments.

Visitors are encouraged to branch out and go to classes with new/different pedagogies and/or in disciplines, departments/programs, or schools/colleges different from their own.

The classes to be visited are "regular" classes, not special classes. Also during Open Classrooms Weeks, the main objective of all classes remains to enable and support our students' learning - class visits should not interfere with the learning process. It is up to the instructor (host) to make sure that class visits are compatible with the learning in the class.

Visitors will have to get in touch with hosts before they attend a class to make sure that both parties are comfortable with the visit and there is room available – no unannounced drop-ins; hosts may always decline a visit, no explanation required. Generally, visitors are passive observers in classes - should a host expect otherwise, then he/she needs to let visitor(s) know ahead of time.

Participation in the Open Classrooms Week is voluntary. It is unlikely that all classes and instructors will be receiving visits and that all instructors will be able to visit the classes they are interested in - we plan to make the Open Classrooms Week a regular feature, so that there will be other opportunities for visits.

The classroom visits are "friendly" visits among colleagues. There will be NO formal or informal evaluation process of formative or summative nature. Hosts and visitors are encouraged to have a coffee together afterwards and talk about their experience. We hope to find a way to share some valuable experiences on a larger scale.

Anyone available to open course sessions during those two weeks for colleagues, do let us know at by indicating class title, time, topic, and pedagogy – we would love to add you to a fast growing list of open classrooms.

Term Weeks Open Classrooms List  
Spring 2014     March 17-28       Program
Spring 2015  March 9-20 Program
Spring 2017 March 20-30 Program

Last Updated: 3/22/2017