Teaching with Mission

This series of lectures invites LMU faculty to share their teaching practice with each other by offering and participating in lectures on topics that are relevant and accessible to all of us. The series invites us to jointly reflect on questions such as: How do we teach? How do we approach similar questions in different disciplines? How do we introduce students to complex and important questions at an introductory level? What tools do we use to get students engaged? How do we inspire student and engage them at a deep level of thinking and analysis?


You have been invited to teach a colleague's class in a course you are not typically teaching and where you are not aware of all the details covered so far. The class is a 50- or 60-minute class at the sophomore level in your department, i.e. the students have been exposed to the basic concepts in your field. Your class should cover a topic related to LMU's mission from the perspective of your area of expertise. The class should be memorable to students in terms of the long lasting learning goals and perceptible impact on the students' view of the matter whilst being accessible and engaging for all students and employing the typical methodologies and theories in your field. You will be teaching this class to your colleagues at the CTE event. You should use pedagogies and provide relevant material as typical in your own classes and can give limited assignments at least one week ahead of time.

Lectures will be followed by dinner with the presenter and a limited number of participants.

Please contact us at teachers@lmu.edu if you are interested in contributing to the series and want to discuss your ideas.