Excellent teaching is at the core of LMU's educational mission. LMU has many outstanding teachers whose work has been recognized at and beyond LMU by awards. Here, we showcase excellent LMU teaching at the collegiate or graduate level by listing teaching awards received by LMU teachers. If you received a teaching award or know of someone who received a teaching award that should be featured in our list, please complete the Teaching Award Submission Form below.

The President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award was established in 1993 to encourage and recognize excellence in teaching at Loyola Marymount University. These faculty members, nominated by their peers, are recognized as successfully uniting a distinguished record of teaching and an outstanding contribution to research. The CTE no longer provides administrative support for the award; for all questions, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.

The Part-Time Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes Part‐Time faculty members who have been especially successful in their teaching as determined by certain criteria. All Part‐Time faculty members of LMU currently employed by LMU and with at least a two-semester teaching record at LMU are eligible for the Part‐Time Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award, with the exception of previous winners of the Award. Each semester one Part‐Time Faculty Teaching Award is available. Do you have someone in mind? For more information on how to nominate your colleague, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.

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