Current Student Researchers

Liam Chamberlin, Media Development Intern 

Liam Chamberlin is a second-year undergraduate student at Loyola Marymount University. He is a Screenwriting major with potential minors in English and Environmental Studies. Liam grew up in rural northeastern Washington, just outside the town of Republic. An avid skier and hiker, Liam plans to pursue his passion for the outdoors in his career as well as his personal life. He has joined CURes in order to contribute to environmental action and restorative justice on the LMU campus, in the greater Los Angeles area, and around the world.

Rebecca Davenport, Social Science Research Assistant 

Rebecca Davenport is a sophomore at LMU from Caldwell, New Jersey. She is studying Biology and Environmental Science, with a focus in Wildlife Conservation. She hopes that her research at CURes will further her experience and interest in animal conservation. Rebecca previously was a work study student for the Long Beach Coyotes project.

Reilly Grzywacz, Silver Lake Research Assistant 

Reilly is currently a freshman at LMU from Cross River, New York. She is studying environmental studies, and is considering a minor in urban studies. Having grown up next to a large nature reserve, Reilly has always been passionate about the environment and the outdoors. Along with her work as a CURes research assistant, Reilly is involved with the Outdoors Club, I Am That Girl, and is the garden coordinator for the ECO Students Club. 

Nicole Infantino, Long Beach Coyote Assessment Research Assistant 

Nicole is from Sacramento, California and is currently a Junior at Loyola Marymount University, majoring in Biology. In addition to working on CURes' Long Beach Coyote project, Nicole is a member of Sursum Corda Service Organization, the Communications chair of the University Honors Progam, President of Just for Clicks Tap Dance Club, a Seaver Liason through the Center of Student Success, and a Tour Guide through the University Admissions Office.

Nicole Infantino bio pic
Jarrod Kleya, Long Beach Coyote Assessment Research Assistant 
Jarrod is a second year Environmental Science major from Charlton Massachusetts. He grew up in a small rural town outside of Boston, where he developed a passion for nature, camping, and sports after getting involved with Boy Scouts and soccer. Other than research Jarrod enjoys spending time with friends, volunteering, working at LMUCC, and participating in various clubs. Bio pic
DeLisa Madere, Long Beach Coyote Assessment Research Assistant 

DeLisa is a junior at Loyola Marymount University from Los Angeles, CA. She is a Biology Major and a Dance Minor. She works with CURes as an independent researcher along with Student Employment Services as an Office Coordinator. She has a love for animals as well as a passion for helping others and hopes to combine both of these aspects in a future career.

Nia Phillips, Restorative Justice Research Assistant 

Nia Phillips is a third-year Communication Studies major at Loyola Marymount University. Nia was born in in the small town of Walnut, California, however, grew up in Washington, Hawaii, Arkansas, and Maryland. While living in these communities she noticed a disconnect of the people to their community, so as she began to establish herself in Los Angeles, an urge for exploring community and its communication, or lack thereof, with its people became apparent. Nia admires restorative practices for its inclusivity, structure, and holistic approach. With a passion for writing and community service, Nia also enjoys writing self-help articles and volunteering at the Inglewood Library. She cannot wait to learn and grow with the Restorative Justice Program at LMU this semester, and assist the program in creating better community environments!

Grace Riggs, Long Beach Coyote Assessment Research Assistant 

Grace grew up on Vashon Island, Washington and is currently a sophomore Biology major on the pre-med track. In addition to working for CURes, she is also a member of the University Honors Program, works in the Biology Department as a General Biology Lab TA, and plays the French horn for a chamber ensemble in the music department.

Hallie Ryan, Long Beach Coyote Assessment Research Assistant 
Hallie is a Junior at Loyola Marymount University from Kansas City, Missouri. She is a Biology major interested in pursuing post-graduate service and an eventual career in public health. She works with CURes on the Long Beach Coyotes project. In addition to her time spent at CURes, Hallie is also a member of Belles Service Organization and the University Honors Program.
Oscar Repreza, Ballona Wetlands Monitoring Research Assistant 

Oscar is a Senior Biology student with an interest in Wildlife Biology. He grew up in Los Angeles and have lived in Hawaii and Kansas and have always been fascinated by the way that animals learn to interact with humans. Understanding interactions between coyotes and ranchers in Kansas, the impact of introduced species in Hawaii or the best way to care for a natural resource like Ballona Wetlands are all important things to him. Oscar currently assists on a project to quantify mosquito larvae at the wetlands.

Oscar Repreza bio pic
Matt Sheridan, Long Beach Coyote Assessment Research Assistant 

Matt grew up in Saratoga, California before coming to Los Angeles to attend LMU. He is a senior Biology major and is interested in attending medical school after receiving his B.S. degree. Matt is an independent research student for CURes and an executive board member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.


Rance Smith, Silver Lake Research Assistant


Rance Smith was born in New Haven, CT and lived in Charlotte, NC for nine years. He is a sophomore, film production major. He loves basketball and being physically active. Rance plays video games and loves watching Her, Family Guy, The 100, and American Dad. He drinks water and loves exploring places he has not been. Rance loves flowers, clouds, mountains, sunrises, sunsets, and the moon. Need someone in walking a mountain, riding a bike, and sighting birds? He is here. Rance is excited to work in CURes in communicating with people, in making communities sustainable and adaptable, understanding nature, and keeping Earth producing life. He looks forward in exchanging ideas and exploring Silver Lake.


Ian Wright, Ballona Wetlands Monitoring Research Assistant

Ian is a Junior Biology major from Sacramento, California. Feeling at home in the natural world, he has a tendency to question how the world around him really works. Ian wants to pursue a research oriented career, the end goal being a spot in higher education so he can inspire curiosity in others. Aside from the science of nature, Ian love exploring human endeavors such as music, architecture, photography, film, religion, philosophy, yoga, and more. All the better when they come together! Ian Wright student bio pic