Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4)

Recent Actions

The Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4) is currently planning and co-hosting two affiliated events of the Global Climate Action Summit. The first is a "State of Action Celebration," taking place at LMU on September 6th from 5-7pm. The second is titled "Joined-up Urban Climate and Health Governance: Best Practices in Mediterranean-Climate Cities," which is being held in San Francisco on September 11th. 


MC-4 focuses on implementing adaptation solutions in the five Mediterranean climate regions of the world: California, central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, southern and southwestern Australia, and the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. In the landscape of climate adaptation, we are a unique collaborative organized around ecological boundaries.

Logo for the MC-4 featuring a leaf and buildings

Climate Solutions

Today, as over half of the world’s population inhabits cities (growing to 60% by 2030), city-scale climate change adaptation is critical. To drive local adaptation, cities can leverage networks to interact and collaborate. Networks have numerous benefits related to knowledge creation, standards, financing, technical skills, and best practices.

MC-4 provides the opportunity to coordinate our efforts across political borders and disciplines to bring more resources and knowledge to building solutions. Participants in the MC-4 network are working together to develop adaptation strategies that can be implemented at the local level across a global scale.


To improve the management of urban climate change impacts and to increase and preserve the social, economic and environmental health of Mediterranean-climate regions by strengthening government, business, academic and civil society partnerships across the five Mediterranean-climate regions.

Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about MC-4, contact Dr. Cristina Tirado-von der Pahlen, or email